What Is Pre-Made Fake Scalp Wig?

What Is Pre-Made Fake Scalp Wig?

What Is Pre-Made Fake Scalp Wig?

As the name suggests, Pre-Made Fake Scalp Wig is a kind of new wig that comes with fake scalp pre-attached under the front lace area.

With a fake scalp wig, wig wearers have no need to do cornrows, to wear wig caps, to try the fake scalp method or to do bald cap method. It also can be called pre-made bald cap wig.

It is a perfect match with bleached knots, which enables multi-direction skin-like parting and also lessens the visibility of the lace grids comparatively.


A video on YouTube, titled with "How to hide lace & wig cap lace wigs" broke out and got about 1,700,000 views, followed up by many other trying-out videos which still obtained considerable attention. This implies that pre-made fake scalp is desirable when choosing a wig.

ccoline, a customer-orientated company, who first offered the pre-bleached knots service and now provides fake scalp lace wigs.

we pre-made fake scalp lace wigs addressed the stiffness problems that existed in YouTube videos in which people applied glue to stick the wig cap to the wigs.

Glued down fake scalp method causes uncomfortable hairline when installing and makes one-time wear only after all that time-consuming tough work while all people need is an easy and lazy wig that they can slap on the head in the morning and take it off easily at night.

 Pre-made fake scalp wig is the expected ultimate wig with the most realistic looking. The hairline is pre plucked mimicking our real hairline that has less density in front then more hair going to the back; The knots are pre-bleached without any black dots showing; The fake scalp is pre-made to match with the bleached knots for a natural skin parting; The elastic band is pre-sewed for no glue wearing.  


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