How to Detangle Human Hair Lace Wigs

How to Detangle Human Hair Lace Wigs

How to Detangle Human Hair Lace Wigs

How to Detangle Human Hair Lace Wigs

When wearing a wig in your daily life, it is common to encounter some tangles. With a few products and correct detangle ways, you can bring your tangled wig back to life.

Things You Will Need
1. A wig head or stand.
2. Wide teeth comb.
3. Wig brush - DO NOT brush your wig with a normal brush! Get a specific WIG brush.
4. Wig detangler spray - If you can't get the wig detangler spray, you can make it by mix hair conditioner and clean water.
5. Some conditioner. 
6. Flat iron - If the hair on your wig is straight, you can use it for a quick fix.


Steps to Detangle Your Human Hair Lace Wigs

 1. Put your wig on your wig head or stand and separate your hair into manageable sections.

 2. Spray a detangler all over the wig.

 3. Detangle with your finger first, separate it into a smaller section. Beginning from the easy parts which are sides, then tackled the back. Avoid loss of hair strands.

 4. Slowly detangle your hair with wide teeth comb. starting at the ends, then move up toward the top.

 5. Repeat these multiple times, continue spraying and combing or brushing, use a brush to further smoothen it out until the fiber tangle-free.

 6. Wash and deep condition the wig.

 7. Use the cool air set of hair blower, not hot air. Or let the hair air dry.

 8. You can comb your wig hair and use styling tools and curlers if you want.

1. Comb through the hair with your fingers, but work slowly and gently until the tangles are removed.
2. If your hair is straight, gently brush the hair, then divide it into sections and run a flat iron through each section, following it with a brush.

Tips - If you want to avoid your wig from tangling for a long time, you need to care it well.

 1. Do not sleep with the wig wear on.

 2. Store it properly in its case or hang it on a wig head when you are not using it.

 3. Use the proper mild shampoo and conditioner, wash it regularly.

 4. Moisture it, and minimize its exposure to sunlight and wind.

 5. Use hot tools less.

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